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The Rockport Group is an American manufacturer of shoes based in Newton, Massachusetts. It is home to the Aravon, Dunham and Rockport brands and the popular Rockport Cobb Hill Collection. Founded in Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1971 by Saul L. Katz and his son, Bruce R. Katz, the company produces footwear that is found in various retail channels in more than 60 countries worldwide.

An angry customer said this in a review "Rockport publishes false advertisement and trick you with a promotion sale. They often have a promotion like 2 pairs for $79 with code. By clicking the initiated box, I saw two pairs which I liked with pictures showing the exact color I liked. When I entered code to get the promotion discount, I got an error saying that the promotion does not apply. Apparently, this company put a popular color for display pictures to get a customer's attention but the promotion only applies to the color which is not popular (a different color from the picture showing with the sale). This is a false advertisement and they try to trick consumers. No more business!".


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Mija Kim says

"The size chart on the web does not fit into Rockport shoes. Store credit is useless for these horrible mal-functioned shoes."

Lisa says

"Worst customer service EVER! I bought two pairs of shoes for my Dad for Father's Day, 2020. One pair (tennis shoes) fit and he kept them. The other pair (loafers) needed to be sized up, so I ordered a new pair and sent the first pair back. The larger pair of loafers didn't work either, so we sent that one back as well. I had *relatively* no problem getting a refund for the second, larger pair of loafers, however, it took over 5 months, and the involvement of my credit card company, to get a refund for the original pair that I sent back! I spent literally hours and hours trying to reach them on the phone, sometimes waiting as long as 34 minutes for someone to pick up the call, and I sent at least a dozen emails to the company, including one of the managers, along with UPS documentation, showing that while they had received the original pair of shoes, they hadn't ever issued me a refund for them. They actually acknowledged on the phone on two separate occasions that they had received the original pair, and that they still owed me the money. On my last call with them, the representative said the delay (at that point, over two months) was ridiculous and that he was going to issue the refund "right then, while I was on the phone with him," however, I never got the credit! When I tried to contact them again by email (around Labor Day), I told them that if I didn't hear from them by a certain date, I was going to contact my credit card company and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. At that point, I got my credit card company involved and sent them the extensive documentation. It took until mid-November, but the credit card company finally came back and said that the matter was resolved in my favor and I received my refund. I spent probably a dozen hours of my time over a five-month period trying to get a refund for less than 100.00. I never got so much as an apology from the company. For awhile, I actually contemplated whether they were running some sort of retail Ponzi scheme, but decided they were simply too incompetent to pull that off. My Dad always wore Rockport shoes and really likes them, but neither he nor I will ever buy from them again!"

Dave Aurand says

"Gave one star because I could not give a negative one. I have been buying Rockports for a good 30 years, but will not even accept one again. At this moment, I have 6 pairs. The rubber sole, and the inner sole has cracked and broken apart on my dress shoes. . There is no wear on either the heel, or sole. RUN FROM ROCKPORT ! !"

William Ealey says

"Soles of the shoes start breaking down within 4 to 5 days of usage and will become uncomfortable, painful, and unusable soon after. I put homemade corrective wedges in and it wasn't long till the soles compressed more! I had unfortunately bought several pairs based on their prior reputation and they are ALL like that except the Prowalkers that I bought from LL Bean. It's true, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL!! I wasted a lot of good money, and I will blast this brand EVERY CHANCE I GET! This is the WORST company I ever had the misfortune of dealing with and hope to see a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them SOON!!!!"

SusieQTexas says

I wish I had searched for this site before I purchased. I thought Rockport was a reputable company. This online company is a disgrace. They don't answer their phone, they don't answer their emails. The shoes didn't fit and I had to return them without ever being able to contact them. We will see if they refund my money. At lease the box had return UPS labels. This is the worst on line purchase experience I've had because I avoid all the scam sites that advertise with seductive and appealing illustrations. This scam company snuck up on me. Goodbye the old trusted Rockport Shoes name. One thing they know how to do is to send about 10 emails a day to your email address. DON'T BUY FROM ROCKPORT ONLINE!"

john morgan says

"Complete con from what used to be a good company. The shoes I recently bought looked the same as the previous ones, but after a short walk turn out to be cheap rubbish. Probably can't return them as they've been outside. What a shame companies like this exist."

Dolphin Smile says

"They often have a promotion like 2 pairs for $79 with code. By clicking the initiated box, I saw two pairs which I liked with pictures showing the exact color I liked. When I entered code to get the promotion discount, I got an error saying that the promotion does not apply. Apparently, this company put a popular color for display pictures to get a customer's attention but the promotion only applies to the color which is not popular (a different color from the picture showing with the sale). This is a false advertisement and they try to trick consumers. No more business!!"

Kimba S. says

"This is the second leather item that I have bought from India,that has the same poisonous chemical smell on both leather items.I do not recommend buying from India made items."

Joseph A says

"I emailed a question about a shoe I was thinking of purchasing. Could not get a response for over a week. I decided to order them and what I wanted clarity on caused them not to fit my feet. I am trying to return them and having issues. They do not include a return with order, you have to e-mail their customer support. I have sent them three e-mails and have gotten no response. Just a terrible experience."

Svetlana says

"I would give them NO stars if I could! I placed an order on 3 pair of shoes on June 17 2020 for $240. I have not received any notification about the order. Unfortunately, I checked as a guest. So I can’t provide the order number. I hoped I will get it when I will get a notification of my order, but that never happened. Now Rockport sent me the email to review the shoes I bought. Ridiculous! How can I do it, if they never sent my shoes to me? Never had an issue like this ordering online. Never! I called customer service, it is closed. I called again and again. I sent numerous emails. No one answers! I also never got a tracking number, nothing! What kind of customer service do they have? But they definitely have my email, because they sent me a notice about reviewing the shoes. I will never buy from them again and will make sure that others will know about them. Avoid at all cost this company!"

Terry M. says

"This use to be a decent company to deal with I don't know what has happened but they are terrible i've been waiting for a refund for 3 weeks now trust me I won't make another purchase with this company"

JT says

"You have a better chance talking with a live person with the DMV or unemployment.
Awful experience and a very slow refund process."

Alejandra Marquez says

"Just an awful experience. I mailed the shoes back about 2 months ago and I still haven’t receive my refund."

Glenn Opray says

"I recently purchased a pair of shoes which were Rockport, a premium shoe which attracted a premium price. They were ok for the first couple of months, then they broke underneath the ball of my foot.
Have been trying to get in touch with Rockport 3 times via the contact us page and have had no success.
If you want a good pair of shoes I would look elsewhere.



Marjorie Hall says

"Very sad, because I love their shoes, but ordering from them online is a really horrible experience and I won't do it again.

They accidentally left the Suite number off my order (they confirmed that yes, I had properly given them my entire address) and UPS returned the package as undeliverable. They would NOT send the package back to me, but instead said I needed to place the order again, even though they have not refunded my original order yet. I am still waiting to see when they refund me the order.

Also, the items are out of stock, but they still say they are unable to return my package with the complete address this time, that I just have to pay them all over again (before I get my refund) and order something different since they are out of stock of what I wanted."

Andrew says

I bought a pair of shoes and did not wear them for some time... The sub-brand is called 'Walkability'.
First time I wore them both of my heels were cut to shreds after a circa 1 km walk.
I sent photographic evidence to Rockport and have the shoes including bloodstains... On inspection of the shoes the inside next to my heels felt a little hard like sandpaper.
I have sent numerous emails and updates... I have received automated responses and promises someone will get in touch. Nobody has and it seems nobody will.
This is the worst customer service I have ever received from a named brand.
Disgusted doesn't explain this enough.
My heels are scarred for a long time to come and I am still very annoyed... It has been over 4 months and 10 emails since the event.
This is a case of a large corporation that does not care... Ignore people and they just go away...
'Walkability'!? More like 'Disability'!
Rockport... AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!"

Nowel DM says

"Poor Customer Service
Just a few minutes after I purchased an item from their website, I emailed customer service to replace the size. They replied a day after saying they can not retract the order. I explicitly mentioned that the item was sent to a PO Box so there was no way to send it back. I will never buy from this site again. To top it up, they asked me for a review but did not publish it since it did not meet their guidelines. What's the point?! Do not trust this site."

Nancy “Northshore nancy” Thomas says

"Nice sandals but VERY SLOW and frustrating exchange
The Cobb Hill sandal runs a little big for me but is very comfortable and nice quality.

The bad news is that you better get the size right on the first try. I sent back this item for a size exchange and 17 days after they received it they could not tell me if they had received it without a UPS tracking #. I had the order #. Then 17 days after they received it they couldn’t tell me when I would receive the replacement. Only that it would be 2-4 weeks. This is for sandals. Summer will be over. It is clearly in stock because they are still selling it on line. Very poor exchange process. I would not buy from them again unless it didn’t matter when I received my purchase.

When I submitted this review on the Rockport website they REJECTED it.

Very poor customer care."

AMValkyrie says

"Newer rockport products have a much lower quality standard than the old ones, which in the long run will mean you will have problems with them sooner than expected."

Caleb Peng says

"Severely lacking in many other areas. Pray you never have a payment problem because it takes so long to settle. They wear you out by testing your patience."

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